Kayak Our Amazing Waterfalls

Written by Mikki Simmons

Lake Cumberland has some amazing waterfalls.  Large, small, in-between, there-when-it-rains waterfalls, there-when-the-lake-is-down waterfalls, or the ones that are there all the time.  

Wayne County claims two large, beautiful “there all the time” waterfalls that are very easily accessed by launching a kayak at Twyford’s Point Boat Ramp (you can see that on the map below).  To find directions, just open your map app and type in Twyford’s Point, your phone will take you right there.  Obviously, you can access these by boats as well by traveling down Beaver Creek.  

Once you launch your kayak, you can access the first waterfall by paddling across the lake to the cove directly across the boat ramp (the one to the right; there are two).  This is a very shallow cove and you will reach the waterfall quickly.  If the water is down, you may have to pull your kayak up and walk in but it is a very short walk.  

After viewing this one, you will definitely want to kayak over to the second waterfall, which is equally as large and hidden in a deep cove.  It is the very next cove to the right.  The cove is narrow and there are boats that travel into this fairly shallow cove, so please obey the unspoken rules of the lake and stay to the right for your safety.  

A few things I would recommend bringing:  1.  waterproof phone case cover- you’re definitely going to want to take pictures of these natural wonders, 2.  snacks/water-  the second waterfall will take you a few minutes to get to but offers a great place to hang out and relax once you’re in there.  3.  Water shoes.  If you do get in the water, it will feel a lot better if you have these on.  In times of high traffic, the banks can get a little slick, and you may find it easier to step in the water and walk.

If you would like to make your trip to Lake Cumberland last a little longer, consider kayaking north on Beaver Creek a short ways and you will find a popular spot where boats and kayaks gather around a swimming hole and jump off spot (of course, we do not recommend jumping from any bluff due to the dangers of unseen and ever-changing terrain under the surface).

Additionally, if you’re staying the night, and are strong and healthy, there is one more great waterfall that you can explore if you’re willing to carry your kayak down a paved hill (maybe .20 mile walk; it is strenuous hike back up though and not as easy as launching at Twyford’s Point).  Mill Springs Mill has an excellent dock and place to launch and, literally, just around the corner is one waterfall and then just a few feet over is another large one.   They’re beautiful and there is always activity in the area. While you’re there, you may catch the gift shop open, and can walk around and see one of the largest water wheels around that is still operational.

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Kayaks pulled upon the bank to go explore one of the large waterfalls near Twyford’s Point boat ramp.

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